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Updated: Aug 6, 2018

My living room was such an easy room to decorate. This is the room where my friends and family would be the most, so I really wanted it to feel inviting. I also wanted my living room to be a place that I was happy to come home to. I already had the furniture to decorate it this room; I just needed my furniture to make the room come alive.

There's so much to share about this space. I look at all the objects collected in these photographs and I see story after story about how it all got to me (I'm also a sucker for finding good deals!).

I love telling stories, but what I love even more is having a home full of them.

Sit down and stay awhile...I have a few I want to share with you.

Photography by Jeorgi Smith

The photos above my couch are a dandelion photo series that I took years ago for a local Starbucks. My dad made the frames for me so that my photographs would showcase well in the coffee shop.

My glass tables were given to me by my boss who was moving and didn't want them to go with her.

This pallet is probably my favorite part about this room. My sister made it for my birthday one year when I was struggling with the season that God had me in. It's a daily reminder to me that the Lord rewards those who pursue Him.

The sunflowers inside of the pallet were given to me by two people who were praying for me during a very hard season of my life. They hold the story of how the Lord miraculously healed me from some serious health issues I was experiencing - something I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

A few months before I moved into this house, my Uncle texted me a picture of this funky chair. It belonged to my great-grandparents and had been passed down the family line since they passed many years ago. When he asked me if I wanted this chair, I had NO space for it since I was living at my parent's house. I sadly had to pass on the offer. As soon as I knew I was moving out, I called him and asked him if his offer was still there. I think you know what his answer was.

Before I move on to another story, I want to take a minute to tell you how much I LOVE mixing colors and patterns. This picture portrays that love very well. I don't like to decorate with things that "match", I decorate with things that "go" together. It's wild. It's different. It's so, so fun.

I love having magazines and coffee table books laying around for people to read when they come to my house, but if I am totally honest, I bought them all for myself to enjoy! I love the joy that comes from reading other people's craft. Holding the product of someone else's hard work and dream inspires me to continue creating and dreaming for my own life. Joanna Gaines has been a huge influence to me as a dreamer. If you haven't read their story, I highly recommend it!

My TV cabinet took a little while to come together. I hardly watch TV and I almost didn't invest in one, but I love hosting people and I wanted to be able to have people over to watch movies, so I gave in. The dead flowers were given to me from my sister several years ago and they discolored beautifully, so I use them as a centerpiece in my home.

Oh, and that candle on the bottom shelf?

Most expensive candle I have ever purchased.

I have had it for two months and have yet to light it because I know I'm going to be so sad the day that it goes out.

One of my favorite pastimes is writing poetry.

Just like I have my magazines out for people to read, I leave my poetry out for display as well.

There's a spark that happens inside of me when I read my poetry printed out instead of reading it from my journal. It inspires the writer within me to pick up the pen more and keep creating. It reminds me that the best poetry comes from the "now seasons" and to never stop writing about what I am currently learning and growing through. I read through these so often and they add such a simple yet personal touch to my home.

Every time I walk in my front door, this is the view I see. My home is exactly how I imagined it would be and I feel the exact way I hoped I would feel when I came back to it. So much peace resides here. So much joy fills my heart when I get to just be home and refresh here. I've stayed at a lot of unique AirBnBs, but nothing tops the feeling I get when I come home to this view. There truly is no place like home.

Photo by Swak Photography

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