Leaps of Faith From Mountains of Fear

There is a mountain we all must climb

In search for who we truly are.

And from this mountain we will find

That we were made for the high places.

That we were made to fly.

( Jeorgi Smith 7/17/18 )

My parent's have a hill in their neighborhood that looks super easy to walk up when you're looking at it from an elevated view, but as soon as you pass the decline and you're walking the incline on the other side, you instantly regret your decision to take a walk. You feel pain in places you never experienced, you discover muscles you didn't know you had and you wonder if you will ever make it up in a stable condition.

Waiting is a lot like this.

Waiting is hard. It can feel hopeless and disappointing. You wonder if what you're waiting for really is worth it. But as soon as you make it to the places you waited for, everything makes sense.

What if our dreams were waiting for us at the top of that mountain? What if the reason why the climb was so hard and our legs became too tired is because fear knows what's on the top waiting for us?

Writing has always been my dream, but when I pictured myself as a writer it was in the middle of wifehood and motherhood. I would close my eyes and imagine what my life would be like in those seasons - sorting socks while organizing the poetry that's bouncing around in my mind. Having a deep thought about a topic while aggressively stirring a pot of soup on the stove. This is what I dreamed of.

Here's the thing about waiting: If you wait until you're ready, you'll never be ready. If you wait until the perfect moment, perfect season or perfect version of yourself, you will never arrive at any of those destinations because perfection is far beyond our ability.

I believed this lie. I always thought I had to be ready before I could chase my dreams. I thought that I had to have my life the way I always imagined it before I could achieve the dream I always wanted. I've discovered this to be untrue.

Our dreams are found in the high places; they're found on the mountain tops.

And while we are climbing up these mountains full of fears and insecurities, we have to realize that our greatest accomplishments don't lie within the things that wait for us at the top, but rather in the journey that gets us to these high places.

I've taken some major leaps of faith this year. I feel like I am getting so close to that mountain top because all I have done in 2018 is remove things from my backpack so I can climb higher. But I know what's waiting for me at the top of this steep incline. I know the promises God has spoken to me about my life and I have seen some of them over and over again, but the most important part of the journey up the mountain are the leaps of faith I take while I climb.

Darling, you were made for the high places.

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