Welcome Home : Kitchen

I have watched so many home makeover shows. One of the things I worried about before I moved was that my house was going to be too decorated and that I wouldn't have a personal style. My whole idea behind the design of my house was to take all of the photos I've seen on Pinterest and the things I've learned from watching Joanna Gaines and turn it into my own.

When you live in 850 square feet, you have to be simple. And though this challenge looked daunting, I shook hands with it and began my adventure.

Photo Credit: SWAK Photography | Sunflower Photo Credit: Haydin Olivia Photography

As soon as you walk into my front door, the first thing you see is my kitchen wall. I knew that whatever hung on that wall would be the first impression of my house when people walked in and I wanted to really draw people in the moment they walked in my front door. One of the first things people know within five minutes of talking to me are my love for sunflowers, so I decided to let these large sunflowers prints speak for themselves. I think they're my favorite thing in my house.

When you look up "tiny kitchen" in the dictionary, I'm pretty sure a photo of mine is there. When I was given a tour of my house before I moved in, the first thing I noticed was a kitchen table would never fit into the layout. As a house-warming gift, my Dad wanted to make me a kitchen table and, after telling him about my tiny space, he suggested a bar top table that attached to the wall. I love being able to show off this piece in my kitchen when I have guests over because it gives me an opportunity to brag on my Dad's craft.

Photo Credit: Jeorgi Anna Smith

Counter space. Let's talk about counter space. Never having a kitchen before, I wasn't exactly sure what needed to be set out for everyday life, but it had to be minimal considering I only have two small counters in my kitchen. When I moved into my house, I put all of my decorative jars, bottles and baskets on my kitchen counter and most of them never made it off. Simple and bright were the design elements I used for my entire house and my kitchen is one of my favorite rooms to display that.

Fun fact: I still have an empty drawer in my kitchen where my silverware should be but they wanted to live in the cute jar on my counter instead. I agreed with them.

This is a perfect example of my decorations falling into place. Because of my minimal counter space, I had to stack the decor for my kitchen on top of each other so I could see what I had and visualize where I wanted everything. I had this small sign and my recipe tin resting in this wicker basket to acquire more space and I thought to myself, "I wonder what that would look like if it were upside-down?". I dumped the contents of the basket on the counter and flipped the basket over to add height to my recipes AND to add layers in my countertop layout.

I collect coffee mugs. They are my storytellers whenever I have people over. Every single one of my little ceramic "buddies" carry a unique story of how they found their way to live in my cupboard and I love to re-live them each time I drink a cup of coffee or eat Cheerios out of them. They're also great conversation starters!

When I was a little girl, my big dream was to go to culinary school to become a chef. Over the years, I accumulated so many cook books that I actually had to downsize them when I moved. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to be creative because it's something that everyone can appreciate (unless you're a terrible cook). I knew that if I saw my cookbooks everyday it would remind me to make more time to be creative in my kitchen.

I'm a sucker for clearance racks and good deals. I was looking through the sale page on World Market's website and I stumbled upon these super cute mint green plates. To avoid paying shipping and handling, I called into the store closest to my house and had them hold them for me for pick-up. I hit the bargain jackpot when I found these yellow plates on sale for $2 each! I stacked the mint green ones on top and threw the cutest cloth napkins on top from Hearth and Hand for that fun additional touch of color.

My kitchen is small, but I was able to do so much with it. I really did enjoy the challenge of making this quaint space as inviting as I could while keeping the layout simple and bright. Speaking of which, I should probably stop writing and go clean my kitchen because these photos have made me aware that my kitchen currently doesn't look like this. I'll leave you here to enjoy these photos while I go talk to the dishes that are calling my name.