Welcome Home : Piano Room

My house has four main rooms : the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. My living room (which was my previous home reveal) is the first room when you walk into my house, but it's awkward because there are two rooms in one essentially.

The smaller part of this room is what you step into when you walk into my house. When I first moved in, I had my desk/office area set up here because it was small enough for a cozy work area. A few months after I moved in, my church was moving and needed to get rid of two pianos that we had. As soon as I heard this news, I knew I had to find a way to get one of those into my house.

A lot of people don't know this about me, but playing the piano is one of my favorite ways to express my love for the Lord. I don't consider myself a worship leader or even a singer, but there's something beautiful about singing and playing a piano when it's just me and the Lord and I knew I had to make room in my very tiny home for this piano.

And I did.

This is the view you see as soon as you walk in my front door.

This is the view you see when you walk in my front door and look to the left.

I love this piano for so many reasons. I would go down to my church (since I had a key) when no one was there and I would play for hours. I have written so many songs on this piano over the years and two of my brothers wrote a worship song on this piano that is now one of my all-time favorite songs. It may be out of tune, but I love everything about this piano.

I love simplicity. I also love putting reminders on my walls so I can be encouraged when I am home. When it came time to decorate my new piano room, I immediately knew that I wanted to have my two favorite verses above the piano so I could see them as soon as I came home every day. These two verses have anchored me to the Lord over the last 8 years. I have gone through some hard, dark seasons since 2010, but these verses have helped me through it. These verses are a symbol of the journey I have been on with The Lord and how I got to where I am today because of the last 8 years of my life. You may see two Bible verses, but I see God's faithfulness and His promises to me.

To the right of my piano, I got the idea to hang some of my favorite hymns up on the wall. Since I love windows and I have an addiction to them (can you really have too many windows, though?) I decided to find a window with six panes and fill each pane with a hymn. It's a simple way to decorate, but a great way to feed my addiction to windows.

I really like having white walls. It gives you the freedom to see your room as a blank canvas to fill with colors and patterns; which is my favorite way to decorate. I chose some simple but colorful decorations to go on top of my piano. Simple so that it doesn't take away from the piano and wall pieces and colorful because I am Jeorgi Smith and I love colors.

I actually have two more of these green bottles in my kitchen to add pops of color, but I have another set on my piano because I love this shade of green. I paired these bottles with a mason jar of dead flowers to add some texture to this small area of my living room.

On the left side of my piano, I have a pitcher of sunflowers (I know, you're not surprised). Before you think that I'm a super cool person for having a pitcher of flowers on my piano, I want to tell you the truth as to why I chose the pitcher. It's not because of the beautiful color (although I do like what it adds to this room) and it's not because I wanted to be different and creative. The truth is that I only have one vase in my house for flowers and it's built into my kitchen table (click here to see the link to my kitchen reveal: https://www.jeorgianna.com/blog/welcome-home-kitchen ). I found a good deal on sunflowers a few weeks ago when I was grocery shopping and I didn't have a vase for my second bouquet, but I had a pitcher! Now I need a pitcher for my kitchen to use for beverages. Send help soon.

I have always mixed patterns. That was my thing when I was in high school. I would have friend's tag me on Facebook when they wore two or three patterns at once because they "felt like Jeorgi".

You can't have too many patterns, in my opinion - unless your whole house is nothing but patterns. We need to talk if that's the case; I will help you.

I am going to do a blog post soon on how I decorate with different patterns and colors because, believe it or not, I do have a formula I use. But for today, here is a photo of my crazy fun rug. You're welcome.

To the left of my piano, I have a tall denim chair that I snagged for my mom for Mother's Day. When I picked it up from someone in Nashville, I loved it and I convinced myself that it wouldn't match my Mom's newly remodeled house. I kept the chair and got my Mom something else.

Sorry Mom.

I love hosting people. Hospitality is something deep within me and I get way too excited when I get to welcome people into my home and serve them. Since I have an addiction to windows, I threw this one up on my wall leading into my kitchen so company can leave notes when the visit me. I use a dry erase marker - it's easy to wipe off, too!

As a decorator, it's hard to tell if you're done with a room or not. I always feel like a project needs something else added to it or it won't ever be fully complete. When I take a step back and look at this room as a whole, I can say that what I see is exactly what it was supposed to be.

Simple. Peaceful. Bright.

I love that I get to live here.